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  • It's Your life. TAKE CHARGE.

    Woodstock Criminal Defense And Family Law Attorney

  • It's Your life. TAKE CHARGE.

    Woodstock Criminal Defense And Family Law Attorney

Woodstock Criminal Law And Divorce Lawyer

An unexpected legal crisis can happen to anyone: a divorce, DUI/DWI, bankruptcy. These are real problems that require real solutions. At The Ladd Law Firm, we take every client's case seriously because we know that there is a real person affected by each legal problem. You can rely on our firm for experienced, compassionate representation in every area of law we practice. We understand that what you need most right now is knowledgeable counsel and an effective resolution. To schedule a free consultation with a Woodstock criminal law and divorce attorney, please call 770-744-0544 .

"We are not just book-smart lawyers. We are real people who have faced many of the same real-life issues that our clients have faced. We understand the stress you are under because of your legal problem, and we know how important it is to have someone in your corner." — Attorney Brett Ladd

The Experience To Help You Take Charge Of Your Life

Centrally located in Woodstock, we serve clients throughout the north metro Atlanta area. Our practice includes:

Please speak with our lawyer to learn how we may help you. Our fees are competitive and our billing policy is clear and reasonable.

Contact A Marietta Bankruptcy Attorney

For a free consultation, please call 770-744-0544 or contact us online. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Meet the Lawyers

Brett W. Ladd
Brett W. Ladd